Originally building from our debt resolution client base, we adopted the key traits that made us successful in the debt world and have completed a range of significant transactions for privately owned businesses in the Irish & UK markets as well as technology companies looking outside of Europe.

We believe in the value of specific references and are happy to give references for our work. Mostly working from a steady stream of word-of-mouth referrals we know the importance of working with the client and seeing the transaction through.

Mergers & Acquisitions

CKS can also assist with M&A assignments involving the sale of private companies, targeting acquisition candidates for clients and project managing the disposal of family owned companies.

Mediation / Dispute Resolution

We have significant experience in negotiating and mediating in family business disputes, valuation disputes and executive termination scenarios - as always with a unique focus on getting a deal done.

Funding - Equity & Debt

We have taken on a number of clients seeking to raise funds, mainly outside of Ireland. CKS, through our network of strong contacts developed over our long business careers, have a unique ability to source and engage with funders in the USA, Europe and Australia. We have helped clients refinance existing debt and also source debt for expansion from both the traditional banks and a number of the leading alternative lenders in the Irish market.


We have completed a number of desktop valuation assignments, looking at all aspects of how a private company is valued.

Strategic Shareholder Succession Planning

CKS builds relationships and as part of that we are often involved with a company years before an exit or liquidity event (taking some cash off the table). As part of that we can advice clients on their options and offer some thoughts on shareholder management and planning for the future.