We work in an unconventional way. We are divergent thinkers who tackle tough challenges with creative distressed debt solutions. When it comes to the pursuit of successful outcomes for our clients, we are ruthless. We are resolute in our approach and work to these values which we hold true.


Trust is key so we start by rebuilding a level of credibility in the negotiation process between all parties.


We are fanatical about detail and will have all necessary documentation on the table, scrutinised in-depth.


We don’t do “out-of-box” solutions, every client is different and every deal can change in an instant so we’re always ready for that.


The process can get overwhelming and constant contact with lenders is key. We’re hands-on in navigating this to the very end.


Clear and open communication with all parties is crucial. We’re steadfast in keeping a deal on the table for as long as it takes.